What I’m Growing in my Fall Garden

I have a confession: I failed miserably at growing my own food this year.

A combination of a late start to the season, an unbearably dry summer and a lack of motivation killed my gardening dreams. While it is too late to start over with most fruiting plants, there is a second chance for many varieties I had planned to stock my fridge, freezer and pantry with. The fall garden is my second chance and I have been planting and seeding to get ready for it.

Growing your own vegetables is not an act that is sequestered to the warm summer months. Edibles can be grow in the fall and even winter if you plan ahead. Some varieties even prefer the cool and crisp fall weather to summer’s heat. Greens like spinach and lettuce wilt under the heat of the sun, while the fall garden provides an ideal growing environment. I’ve never had a problem with my kale in the summer, but it holds up equally as well in the winter. Last year, my kale survived until the snow hit and if I actually get things covered this year, it can survive right through the winter.

What to grow in your fall garden

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Growing a future

It’s been a while since I shared some photos of the homestead so I grabbed my trusty Canon for an update. Everything is growing amazing considering my black thumb. Have I not mentioned that before? Normally, I am the plant killer. But that’s usually indoors. How I managed to start more than 100 seedlings this year is beyond me. Maybe my thumbs have developed some green.

It’s an exciting time at the Moore homestead.¬†As the plants grow an idea is blossoming, one I hope to share with you soon. In the meantime, enjoy the updated photos from our farm in the making.