Change is hard when you are a picky eater

Some days, I feel like a complete fraud. I preach about the dangers of genetically modified foods both with my tongue and my fingers. But I don’t completely avoid them. And I knowingly don’t do so.

Sure, they scare me, but I don’t go to all costs to avoid them. I give in, too often. They are everywhere. Literally, everywhere. I am physically surrounded by them on my two-acre slice of paradise. At the brim of our property is a sprawling field of Round Up Ready soy. They are also everywhere in society: grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and even the farm stands and farmers’ markets. The picky eater in me is far too content to stick to her old ways.

Food can be the best for of health care or the slowest form of poison |

You are what you eat. Choose wisely.

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