It’s been a long time

The crickets can have a rest. It’s time I revitalize this page. I mean, it has only been two years, and then some.

What can I say? Life got in the way. Well, at first it was a broken laptop (which we’ve only just now replaced… well a few months ago). Then it was life.

There were highs, there were lows. There were many big changes.

Big change #1: Our family grew from two to three. Emelia joined our family on October 19, 2016. She is a delightful young being. She can almost always be found with a smile on her face and a squeal not far behind it. She keeps me on my toes to say the least.

Big change #2: We moved.

Our new home is on a smaller lot, but a much better one. Instead of living in a giant open field surrounded by soybeans, we are now living smack dab in the middle of a sugar bush. The downsize means a few of my homesteading dreams are no longer realistic, which means a shift in focus here at Picky to Plenty.

One thing will remain the same: there will be food.

As my intro page states, I am the ultimate picky eater. I gave my parents a hard time growing up. I ate few vegetables, smothered most things in ketchup, and wouldn’t eat at other people’s houses.

While I have reformed a few of my idiosyncrasies, I have yet to conquer all of them.

And this is where big change #1 comes into play.

It’s not just about me anymore. My struggle now is as a recovering picky eater trying not to raise another picky eater. It’s not always easy. The dogs love it when missy throws her meals on the floor. Mommy, not so much. There have been many, I repeat, many meals tossed to the hardwood below her high chair.

So while there may be a few references to homesteading (we just made our first batch of maple syrup), that will no longer be the focus here at Picky to Plenty. The focus will be a picky eater trying to raise a plentiful one.

Wish me luck and follow along as mom and daughter attempt to be plentiful eaters.

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