Homemade strawberry watermelon freezies

Freezies were a summertime staple of my childhood.

They were less messy than popsicles but with the same sweet and cold taste. It was the perfect treat on a hot afternoon spent playing in the sun.

We have been living in a heat wave for the past week or so. And one way we stay cool is indulging in these sweet and delicious homemade strawberry watermelon freezies. They have just three ingredients and are simple to make. All you need are strawberries, watermelon, coconut water, a blender and some freezie bags. That’s it. Easy peasy lemon er…. watermelon squeezy.

These homemade strawberry watermelon freezies have just three ingredients and will keep you cool on a hot summer’s day.

The best part of these homemade strawberry watermelon freezies is that they taste like a treat but are actually a healthy snack. It’s basically the same thing as sitting down to nosh on some strawberries and watermelon.

Emelia loves them but she isn’t a fan of having cold hands.

The solution: I have my mother-in-law knit up some freezie holders.

Turns out they ruin the freezie experience.


Strawberries, watermelon and coconut water are all you need to whip this cool summer treat.

Emelia is all excited when she sees me grab a freezie from the kitchen freezer. A big smile stretches across her face and she shakes with excitement. Before handing her the frozen treat, I slip the frozen tube into a warm, knitted holder.

That enthusiastic smile suddenly turns to a frown and tears well up in the corners of her bright blue eyes.

“No,” she cries.

“You don’t want your freezie?” I ask.


Wondering how she suddenly went from “give me that freezie now” to “I don’t want anything to do that with that frozen treat” in a matter of seconds, I pause for thought. What’s different from the last time?

The freezie holder.

I peel the wool cover off the freezie and hand it to the toddler.

“Mmmmmmm,” she says as she chomps down on the frozen treat.

After a few more bites she holds out her hand to me, a sad look on her face. “Warm me,” she indicates.

“You don’t like it when your hands are cold do you?” I ask her.

She trades hands that the freezie is in and holds out the other one.

I tell her the freezie holder will make it so her hands don’t get cold and put it back on.

The tears return.

“No,” she says.

Feeling defeated, I peel the cover off again and spend the next 10 minutes warming her hands in between chomps.

At least she ate her snack.

Cool off from the heat with tasty homemade strawberry watermelon freezies.

These homemade strawberry watermelon freezies are sure to keep you cool and satisfied in this heat.

Homemade Strawberry Watermelon Freezies

  • 1 C strawberries, cleaned and stemmed
  • 2 C watermelon, cut into cubes
  • coconut water

Add strawberries and watermelon to blender and puree on high. Add coconut water to your liking.

Pour mixture through a sieve to filter out any seeds.

Using a funnel, pour fruit mixture into freezie bags (we used Zipsicles).

Freeze until solid.


This combination is also delicious as a cold, refreshing drink!

Homemade strawberry watermelon freezies are a simple and sweet treat to beat the heat.

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