I was the kid at the dinner table staring down the cold pile of peas. There was no way those were going in my mouth. I hated their sweet yet bitter taste and their green colour. I would rather go to bed early than eat those peas. While I still hate peas, I have reformed my taste buds a lot over the last decade. The excuse that things are “yucky” just doesn’t work when you are an adult. I have even grown to enjoy a form of pea, the snow pea, which I will be growing in my gardens this year.

Oddly enough, my favourite sandwich now consists of a vegetable I would have also given up play time for  — eggplant. My mom never even attempted to get me to try this one, she knew the look that would come if she put a plate of it in front of me. I didn’t even like spaghetti with sauce when I was kid. Nope, it was buttered noodles with Parmesan (which I still occasionally enjoy) for this Plain Jane. Despite my mom’s Italian background, I was not a fan of the tomato or any of the sauces that came from it — with the exception of ketchup. Now, I cannot wait to make my eggplant Parm grilled cheese sandwich with garden fresh eggplant grown in our own backyard and homemade sauce with garden-fresh tomatoes. Oh, did I not mention that we are venturing into the world of backyard farming?

I do not claim to be an expert on cooking or gardening. I am simply a reformed (maybe recovering is more appropriate in the case of those peas) picky eater and plant killer who hopes to grow and raise lots of food on a small plot of land on the Niagara escarpment (somewhere near that wonder of the world they call Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada). If you are looking for expert advice, I suggest you head back to Pinterest (one of my addictions) and find another blogger. If you are looking for real life stories of a newbie organic farmer with a passion for cooking, writing, photography and apparently growing fruits and vegetables and raising small livestock however, then please, stay and while and have a look around.

When I first came up with the name Picky to Plenty, I was planning on creating a food blog. For years I have drooled over the food porn that other bloggers have posted while trying to muster up the guts to create my own. I love to cook. It is perhaps the thing I love to do most. There is nothing more satisfying than treating those you love to a home-cooked meal. Especially when that food is not only prepared by you, but raised by you, whether from a tiny seed or from a fluffy chick. Since what I cook will be largely based on what we produce ourselves the blog has naturally evolved to be about more than just cooking food but about producing it.

I am not in this venture alone. I share the homestead with my husband Dave and our three furkids — Cane Corsos by the names of Nico (Moose), Isis (Pig) and Donzi (Dude). Dave is my best friend and the love of my life and he is just crazy enough to share this dream of living off the land — though it is taking some convincing on the issue of adding goats.

We started this venture with a few raised beds, which grew into a few more along with a few raised rows. Next came the chickens (Barred Plymouth Rocks) and then the rabbits. My dream is to produce enough of our own food to cut our reliance on grocery stores to next to nothing. Follow along as I learn to grow and raise as much as I can on our little homestead.

Random facts about me

Chicken wings are my favourite food.

Peas are my least favourite food.

I love potato chips.

My favourite sandwich is an eggplant parmesan grilled cheese.

I used to put ketchup on everything … including pancakes and white rice.

I still like to squeeze a blob of ketchup onto my mashed potatoes.

I am an award-winning article writer and photographer who resides in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada.

I have the greatest husband in the world who shares the dream of living off of our land.

I am addicted to Bikram yoga, Pinterest and canning.

I desperately want goats.

I make gourmet pepper jellies called Tippsy Toppers with my awesome friend Shandra.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Reformed picky eater and homesteader in training

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rob Croley says:

    Hi Amanda
    Love the blog
    Hope your season went well
    I’d love to pick your brain at some point regarding raising meat rabbits. We’re about to start, and I’d rather avoid rookie mistakes if I can.

    • Hey there Rob. Thanks for the kind words. You can pick my brain anytime as I have picked yours and Chris’s many times. What kind of rabbits did you get? We have six babies but none will be meat. We are keeping a few and selling the rest. Next litter will be meat and we should be getting to our roosters soon. Talk soon or email pickytoplenty@gmail.com


  2. Hi Amanda, love to see a fellow Canadian blogger, especially regarding homesteading! 🙂
    I saw that you saved a pin of mine on Pinterest and thought you might be interested in checking out my blog. If not, I’d still be happy to connect with you!
    Happy living

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